Design, personalized. Just like painting en plein air, we design spaces inspired by you, your needs, and your unique tastes!


And we don’t stop at style, our services are tiered so you can get the amount of help you need whether it’s a single consult or full service design.

You Should Love Where You Live

It’s where you wake up, sip your coffee, laugh, cry, prepare meals, sing without a care in the world, and lay down to sleep again.  You should love every meaningful moment.


That’s why we’re here.



No matter what your interior design needs are, this is the first step. The first consultation is the foundation for what happens later! 


We’ll ask a lot of questions and give as much advice as we can offer. From here we point you in the best possible direction to get to a home you love. 



This next step is where we do the heavy lifting and all you have to do is sit back and share your dreams with us!


In true painting “en plein air” technique, we don’t come to you with a particular style of interior design, we design spaces for the people in front of us which means it’s going to look and feel like a reflection of who you are.



Once we have a magazine worthy design created for your space it’s time to make it happen!


The last step is to implement the design. Here we provide procurement services, project oversight, furnishing installation, and home styling so that you can get to loving where you live without the hassle.

Turn Your Dream Into reality

Benefits to Working With Us!


No more guesswork

Hiring a designer takes the guesswork out of every project. Before any sledgehammers hit the walls you have a clear image of where you’re going and how to get there.


Save time

We understand you’re busy, and that’s a big reason people call us. We have developed a tailored design process with specific meeting points so you clearly know what you need to do when and can get back to the important parts of life faster.


Don't Waste Money

Having a well-thought-out plan can dramatically save you money in the construction process. Anytime you make a change mid-project, those dollar bills just start flying away. Having a fully considered design greatly reduces the risk of this happening, saving you headaches and letting you spend your money how you want to.

You ask, we answer

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our services.

At what point in a project should I hire a designer?

Glad you asked! The earlier the better. Our Designers are your advocates from start to finish, at Plein Air Interiors we consider the whole of the project from the start asking specific questions about your desires and lifestyle a contractor or architect may not ask. It’s easily the first call you should make when considering a project.

When you purchase the initial consultation, you have no further obligations. If you get the help you need with one consult, we are so happy to help! If you need further design services, we will use the consultation to get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit. Your consultation fee will be applied to your future agreement.

We do! Please contact us directly to ask about our commercial services and special pricing for non-profits!

This varies greatly depending on the size and scope of your project. For full service design you can generally estimate 7%-15% of your total project cost with 10% being a safe starting point.