Get to know

The Designer

She ushered me over to her brand new pantry, “Look inside,” she said.

As I opened the cabinet door there was a single pink sticky note on the inside.

“I love you,” it said with a little heart around it.

“My husband thinks I wrote this to him, but really I wrote it to my kitchen,” she whispered.


This client loved to bake and cook and she had been living with a tiny run down fifties kitchen for years. After transforming her kitchen into a chef’s paradise, and she was in love.

That’s why I do what I do.

Hi, I’m Annie, the designer.


If you want to keep reading down below I’ll share some fun facts about myself, my husband, and our children, (Maverick the cat and Barnaby the basset hound). But unless you’re stalking me that’s not really why you’re reading this.


You want to know who is this person? Can she help me and how?

So here’s the scoop:

I believe the spaces we inhabit affect and transform us. A peaceful space can clear the mind and a beautiful space can inspire change.


I grew up in a sweet historic farmhouse in Southern California’s foothills, I always loved where I lived. It wasn’t fancy but it had a wonderful sense of coziness and rhythm. When I moved out I began to see just how much where you live can impact your physical and emotional well-being.


I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. As a child I hated coloring books because they left me no room for creativity. As I grew up I took every art class possible and in high school I did an art benefit fundraiser for a local mission that monthly brings food to orphanages in Mexico.

After a year and a half of Bible school and a semester in Italy I realized I had to follow my passion for creating beauty and returned to my roots in Southern California to pursue a career in Interior Design. Now with my Bachelors in Interior Design and soon to be a Masters in Interior Architecture I am building my own business, creating spaces that reflect those who inhabit them.


I have never had a particular style of my own that you might often see from other designers. My clients choose me because I get to know them and I take those personal interactions and turn them into designs that represent who they are and everything they love.


The term painting “en plein air” refers to someone who takes their canvas and easel out into a landscape and fills their canvas with the beauty laid before them. My goal is to help you create a home that reflects the unique beauty, style, and personality that is you!


My clients’ lives transform from being drained out by their space to taking joy in everyday moments in their home and focusing on the things in life that matter most to them.

Still Here?

Okay fine here’s all the stuff you want to see if you’re a stalker or just want to see the basset hound puppy pics.


My husband and I have been married since October 2021 and love our life together! They say you know it’s the right fit when you can be your weirdest self with someone and they still love you. That’s what we have, a whole lot of weird and whole lot of love.


He has been my biggest supporter in going on this journey of building a business and is my partner in every way.

We have two fur-babies as mentioned before. Maverick is often more dog than cat and loves to snuggle every hour of the day. Barnaby is our basset baby named after Hello Dolly so I could sing “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” to him. (Look it up or watch Wall-E.) He is a bit more rambunctious than the potato we were promised when we decided on a basset but we love him just the same!


And I can’t forget my parents. They have been such an incredible source of encouragement for me as I have journeyed to this point. I love them dearly.


What else? We love our community of friends and adventuring, we’re coffee aficionados, and we love Jesus! That’s pretty much the gist! Here’s a glimpse into our life.